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Published on November 6th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


Skrillex-Goulding Couple No Moore!

It is official: electropop singer Ellie Goulding is back on the market as she and dubstep beau, Skrillex (known to his mates as Sonny Moore) has been confirmed to be no longer an item.

Citing the classic cases of hectic schedules and long-distance loving, sources close to the couple said the time away from each other took a toll on the romance. Both stars have been struggling to hang on to their 1-year relationship as UK-based Goulding, 25 is currently busy promoting her new album ‘Halcyon’ while Skrillex, 24 is touring non-stop in the States.

The break-up was said to be mutual though, and both hope to ‘remain good friends’, but coming from Goulding who once said that “One of the reasons that we first liked each other is that we’re both very motivated and we work really hard. We just want to make good music and tour and I think, you know, we motivate each other”, we can’t help but sigh a little over this sad news.

So in remembrance of what could have been Ellex (or Skrellie, whatever), we tune into ‘Summit’, the only song  the couple ever made together. 

[ src – US Weekly ]

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