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Published on February 28th, 2012 | by Mr.Red


School: I Need a Fashion Doctor!? Who do I call? Doctor Who…

Knock knock, who’s there? Doctor! Doctor who? Doctor Who jokes!! ROFL!!… Okay, that was terrible, we’re sorry.

For some guys, getting up in the morning and thinking “I wonder what color I’ll wear today” is never a problem. Mostly we resort to black as black goes with anything.

And thanks to the fantastic year long hot weather in some countries, we have to adhere to the standard clothing choices. BOO!!

But no fret, we have a solution for those that want to stand out. Try these DoctorWho t-shirts on for size. We guaran-damn-tee you’ll never be labeled as another plain olJoe.


Save the world – or teach your class – you can make a fashion statement and still be completely comfortable. If you want to be doubly geeky, match it with a coat, and strut off like an English gentleman all day at school, work, or even a party.

[ src – ForbiddenPlanet ]


Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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