[RECAP] – Connecting Japan and KL, it’s Konnekt 2.0 @ The Pool, Ampang! TheChoobs reports!

This is Konnekt 2.0

It’s not everyday we witness 2 events linking to one another – Konnekt connects Japan and Malaysia by linking the similar events 2 days back to back starting in Kuala Lumpur itself.

We know that THE POOL in Jalan Ampang is currently a hotspot for pool parties in the city. This party however, is not one. It’s different. And here’s how:-

Firstly, it’s one of those parties that most guests showed prim and proper. (A little bummer) Some even suited up. Evening dresses, neckties, bows, even pearl necklaces is nothing uncommon. Somehow the night felt weird if you showed up in shorts and slippers given the attires of the other guests.

That, however, makes Konnekt to be a pretty awesome night out. The perfect ambience got the crowd in the mood to mingle; the very type of people that you meet there would probably carry a clever conversation. Even though there were no super drunk hotties grinding on the podium, there we’re many new friends that you would gladly clink a glass or two with.

Chatting up with random friendly folks? That’s pretty fun!

Secondly? Eugene Lim, Nikki and Blastique graced the deck with the perfect soundtrack to a spectacular social night out. Thank god for house music! Top that off with the highlight of the night, was DJ Y.Kanou from Tokyo, Japan. Opening with Zedd’s latest hit single – Spectrum, he brought the evening to an awesome finale. In short, music was all good as there was seriously a lot less commercial crap and a lot more of quality electronic sounds that serenaded the night.

Konnekt 2.0 is definitely one of the evenings we really appreciate despite not being able to get wet. It’s one of those events that KL lacks – one that binds people together rather than focusing on giving you a massive hangover the next morning. The sort of atmospheric parties that supercedes facious pretentiousness and gets real with the proper ‘social’ scene.

Cheers to that!

– TheChoobs

Photography courtesy of
Aames Ng Photography

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