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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


Spooks-Thrill – The Epic Takeover SPOOKSVILLE party @ Vertigo AFTERMATH!

Photo courtesy of Vertigo, KL.

What do you get when you combine bass-thumping music with decades-old bodies swaying to the music? A Madonna concert, of course! And another rocking party at Vertigo, KL with guest lists from the likes of werewolves, animated corpses..and Psy?

In their sixth installment of an epic takeover, IMBYU (ImmaBleepYouUp!, for you uninitiated) rocked the (haunted) house with their brand of fun and music, while throwing in an undead or two for good measure.

Photo courtesy of Vertigo, KL.

This month’s theme of Spooksville (or ‘Come-in-dressed-when-you-can-go-crazy-with-makeup’) invited zombies, the girls from Silent Hill and two members from MCR to rave, party and stare creepily at each other. Despite not moving as a tripod that night, the boys of IMBYU looked like they were revving the crowd up and making sure everyone was having fun as always.

Photo courtesy of Vertigo, KL.

And if all else fails, it’s better than crawling back into the undead abyss.

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