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What is Silent Disco Asia’s 2nd Birthday Party?

What is Silent Disco Asia’s 2nd Birthday Party?

If you’ve missed out on the first 2 years of this spectacularly ‘silent’ party and want to know more, Silent Disco is all about a whole different dimension of party experience.

So what ‘is’ Silent Disco?

Think of it as partying in your bedroom with your favorite headphones – except without the bedroom. And in a club. With other people.

Spotted at the luxurious Ce La Vi Club Lounge 57 floors on top of Marina Bay Sands on the 25th of August, not only do you get to treat yourself to a spectacular 360 panoramic view of Singapore’s breath-taking skyline, you also get to groove with 600 other party-goers!

Now that’s what we call a good night-out.

If the view isn’t enough to satiate your party bonanza, Silent Disco Asia’s 2nd Birthday Party features not one, not two… but three live DJs! Playing at the same time in different styles! You’ll be able tickle your ears by switching between the different channels for your favorite beats from Rock anthems, EDM bangers, and even the Top 40 hits. Keep your eyes peeled for the three different neon colors – Red, Green, Blue. Tune in to whatever channel your squad is jamming to by the LED colors on their headphones.

Brilliant? We think so too.

To be frank, this concept totally blew our mind as it takes partying at a nightclub to a whole new level – seriously? switching between three different channels? Volume control? Neon colored LED indicators? And if you’re up to take a break from the moves or to just get a drink, just take off the headset and be treated to good ol’ socializing with your friends and other people.

We’re so spoiled with so many choices it’s too good to be true.

So if you’re up for a whole new world of party experience, grab your tickets early before they run out (which they usually do).



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July 23rd, 2018

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