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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


How You Like Your Boo-Tei? Don’t know who this crazily awesome animator is? Read more.

We were about to offer you some irresistible tempTeition, but can you Tei it?

Recently in KL, Japanese animator, director and otaku-idol, Ryōsuke Tei met up with local animephiles, aspiring comic artists and  inspiration-seeking cosplayers for a quick meet and greet with his fans.

As those in-tune with the gaming and animation industry, or just the people who subscribes to Animax, Tei is the creative force behind a lot of the computer game, flash animation and commercial production projects in Asia. He has worked with the likes of Nintendo, NIKE and MTV Asia, and though his now-defunct studio Furi Furi is still being talked about, the Kobe-born is more well known for his work on the anime movie, LaMB (2009).

Inciting fangasmic excitement and ruffling a hakama or two, Tei’s tour of Publika just added to the arty colorfulness of the immediate vicinity around him. But if you’re still in the grey about this Japanese tour de force, have a look at the funky Powerpuff Girl-esque short vid he made for French DJ/graphic artist/designer/producer Missil (whose catchy tunes and even catchier credentials  also has us repeating the song in our heads). Check out Tei’s other animations over on his YouTube channel.

[ src – OKOSAMA-STAR ]

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