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Published on March 23rd, 2012 | by Prometheus


Forget posh, snobby coffee pods. Automatic drips are back with Bodum’s sexy Pourover

If you’re as much of a coffee drinker as how our cars guzzles down fuel each morning, then forgo the snotty, posh coffee pods (which btw are a hazard to the environment), and welcome back the good ol’ drips.

Key notes to notice on the new Bodum Pourover is the spiral heating system that ensures the temperature of “over” 194 degrees—195-205, the ‘magic’ range for coffee brewing, and lots of other bells and whistles.

But as we all know Bodum could well be the best in coffee, it certainly isn’t cheap. Going for about USD $250, who’s to put a price for a really good cup of coffee?

More on the Bodum Pourover  – Bodum’s Automatic Coffee Machine Isn’t Just Prettier Than Yours—It’s Better via Gizmodo

To purchase – Bodum’s Official Site

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