[Feat.] – Hey! You! Imma*Bleep*YouUp!

Like they always say – two’s a company, three’s a mutha friggin’ RIOT! And who better to bring the house down with these crazy trio (Let our powers combine!) – Mr. Fluff, Addic3rd, & Unkel Jaymz, they are… Imma*BLEEP*YouUp!

We recommend playing their awesome track. Reading this might take a while….

So let’s start the interview. How did u guys come together? You guys stumbled across each other at a bar or something?

Mr. Fluff : Addic3rd and I got together first.  We met at an event where an international DJ was spinning.  At that time we were there on assignment by our companies. That international “he-who-shall-not-be-named” DJ made a grave blurp. Both of us just itched to give him a good beating. Since then, we’ve became great friends having the same interest and likes.  Unkel Jaymz came along later and sort of clicked together.

Addic3rd : Mr. Fluff was into song writing and doing gigs at that time. In fact, he’s still doing his own project now. We sort of got together and collectively tried our hands into music making like remixing of theme songs & bootlegs such as Doraemon, Gaban and Angry Birds. To jumpstart our project we’ve uploaded our music on SoundCloud and gave away free music. It was beyond our expectation – Angry Bird theme song remix was a hit in Singapore.  Within an hour 100 free downloads were snatched away and the next 3 – 4 hours later we hit the 3,000 plays and had followers from all over the world.

Unkel Jaymz : Addic3rd and I were old colleagues at a tattooing parlor once. Yes, we did tattoos before this! It was much later when a client of ours, whom is also a DJ, called DJ Tupac took us under his wing when we were interested in DJ-ing. I met Mr.Fluff later when Addic3rd introduced me to him when we went to support one of his gigs at Vanity Mansion. We were just friends back then, but when we knew of our musical interests and similarities… everything just hit off. Almost instantly!


Wow, that’s an awesome start. So then tell us, we’re curious but how the heck did the name “ImmaBleepYouUp” came about?

Addic3rd : ha ha ha….. initially the name of the group was “IMMAF**KYOUUP!!!” but it was too vulgar so we changed it to “IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP!!!”. Bleep here means play or perform sounds that are extremely loud!

Unkel Jaymz : Actually, the *bleep* is more of a censorship thing because the original name is too vulgar. To be honest, there isn’t a hidden agenda in it! It is not because of ‘extra flavoring’ or something interesting, you know? It is a straight-up, blunt, no-nonsense *bleep*!

Mr. Fluff : It is like our signature style to tell our audience that something exciting is in store for them. We want to play the music not just to “shiok sendiri” at the console area but be interactive with our audience to move and groove together with us. We just want to share with the crowd what we think is good and like, and at the same time have a fun time with us.

Oh yeah, why are you also called Bo, Mr. Fluff?

Mr. Fluff : ha ha ha….. Bo is short for Bodoh, a nickname given to me when I was in high school.  But we also have our stage pseudo name.  I am Mr. Fluff …just look at this big cloud of hair on my head!  Kelvin Lam is Addic3rd, that guy is addicted to his drinks, all kinds of drinks including H2O! James Lee is Unkel Jaymz because he is the quiet, overly dressed guy when I first met him! He was always looked proper in his ironed shirts, tidy hair… he is a whole different guy now, but the name stuck! He is still an Unkel to us!

Addic3rd: Actually, my name came as an ID from the days when I used to hang out in online forums and such, it just stuck after.


‘Unkel’? Haha, means you guys have quite a long history together. So what’s the craziest thing have u guys did back then?

All 3 (unanimously):  Rape the dance floor of Euphoria by Ministry Of Sound! Haha! Not literally of course!

Addic3rd : We were daring (challenging) each other to do crazy things during those times when we played in Euphoria M.O.S!

Mr. Fluff : You know how the crowd is like these days sometimes, the more sloshed they are, and if they are already having a good time, the more they don’t care what is being said! So, I dared Addic3rd to try that out, he mumbled something non coherence and the crowd just roared and frenzied. Unkel Jaymz’s challenge was to dance like a drunkard on the podium.

Unkel Jaymz : Oh I can recall that clearly… I had to push all the nice ladies away so I can finish my dare. I am so not ready to give up my money! The ‘best’ part was Mr.Fluff grabbing the big torchlight from the console and shone it on me while I was up there!

Addic3rd : That was crazy…  yes…  but not the wildest.  The wildest have YET to come. 

Haha. Whacked out! But we’re guessing that’s not the wildest thing you’ve ever seen a crowd do?

Mr. Fluff : A champagne bottle flying across the dance floor. THAT is not wild, that’s dangerous! Kids, didn’t your momma tell you that playing with glass is dangerous!?

Addic3rd : You are very sure you want me to say it… ? A guy humping a girl near the stage area with his pants down and the dude left with a different girl later. That guy is a major player, and he gets points for that!


Whoa… that’s a little TMI, in our opinion. We’ll drink to that. What can we get you guys? What’s your poison?

Addic3rd : Red Bull + Vodka = drink for the champions.

Unkel Jaymz : I can agree to Red Bull Vodka too!

Mr. Fluff : 100 Plus………  the next day…..  ha ha ha….  


Most definitely. We’ll be looking forward to that! Now, let’s talk music – describe your style

Mr. Fluff : Progressive house music with vocals and me singing on top of that song.

Addic3rd : Funky disco house music.

Unkel Jaymz : Everything tech! Techno and tech house.

Really don’t know what they’re looking at…

Nice… nice… How about fashion? Does your music style reflect the way you dress?

Addic3rd : Now, we will just wear anything that is comfortable. Initially we were a very theme/uniform based group, think Kraftwerk or early Foo Fighters. I remembered once we had these little hairclips with little hat thingy on the clips.  Then went the music started we were flinging our heads in tune with music so hard that the hairclips went flying all over the place or ended up hanging at hair ends dangling over our forehead…. ha ha ha


Err… dangling hairpins. That’d be a sight to see. So other than flinging hairpins, what other ‘hidden’ talents do you guys have that nobody else knows about?

Mr. Fluff : Planking…  I have done that……….  ha ha ha.

Addic3rd : Never really thought about that, I guess we just move naturally on to whatever comes along that require us to do… planking, do you even consider that a talent?


Haha. Maybe? Besides planking, does your family know you’re a DJ? What were their response?

Mr. Fluff : Yes, they know I am a DJ. I left home at the age of 19 and started doing jingles for commercials with a company. I was musically inclined and wanted to do something in the music and entertainment industry. It is my passion. The salary for my 1st job was only RM400! I was able to survive on my own from then until today without looking back. My parents initial response was typical; “ What kind of career is this? Can cari makan or not?”  Then one day I landed on the cover of a magazine, my dad took the magazine and went round showing it to all his buddies at the golf course.  I knew then he was proud of my achievements.

Addic3rd : My parent knows I played in a band but not DJ-ing.

Unkel Jaymz :  All parents will doubt the passions of their kids especially when they say, ‘Hey, I want to be a DJ!’. Get what I mean? DJ-ing in dark clubs with even dodgier people… of course they will doubt us! But I am really proud to have really supportive parents! They still doubt me from time to time, but ultimately, they still support me in my endeavours.


And all these time you guys have been playing, in your opinion where’s the best place to perform?

Addic3rd : Euphoria by Ministry of Sound. It was our home. It was where it shot us to where we are now! They even let us play on the stage they built for international DJs! Quite a number of times too!

Mr. Fluff : Euphoria saw us performed for the first time and after that performance they signed us up for the next 3 months! It was quite a shocker!


Wow, that’s something. Then if you had a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would that special place be?

Addic3rd : Anywhere in the world where there are huge Music Festivals. I remembered we once performed in an event called Freedom in Melaka. The venue was packed like sardines and the crowd just went crazy and frenzied with every sound we uttered. We feel good when the crowd interacts with us and appreciates the music we play.

Mr. Fluff : LA,  USA!!



Now you guys are like mega-stars once you hit the decks. Share with us your juicy inside tips on how to get the crowd going? Does it work the same with girls?

Addic3rd : When the DJ’s are seen to be having fun in the console area (not just shiok sendiri), yet interactive with the crowd, the fun elements are infectious and easily transferable to the crowd.  Comparatively between girls and guys, girls are more responsive than guys and are less inhibited with their actions. They are more daring, receptive and willing to go with the flow on the beat of the music and the DJ’s. Once the crowd is hype up they will just go along with the flow.

Unkel Jaymz: I don’t really consider ourselves as mega-stars when we hit the decks. C’mon! We are just 3 regular dudes who want to have fun! I don’t know how to get the crowd going, really. I guess, our antics just injects fun into the crowd? I don’t know! Haha!

Mr. Fluff : I remembered once the three of us just kept raising both arms as a game and the last one to raise their arms has to finish a drink! The crowd just followed our actions without us prompting them! It is still a game for the three of us, but hey, if the crowd wants to join in, WHY NOT!?

*Being bros and all* share with us… what’s the latest on the latest party gigs you guys are gonna do in March?

Addic3rd : Although tentatively confirmed… we might be the closing act for the LMFAO Concert at Sunway Lagoon Surf Beach, this March 29 th.


Just curious that you guys being an all-guy group DJs, what are your opinions on female DJs?

Mr. Fluff : Some babes come with the hot looks, but ultimately it boils down to showmanship. Some of them can really make the crowd jump like monkeys!

Addic3rd : Many are overrated, but there are few good ones like DJ Nikki & DJ Sutra. Especially DJ  Sutra, we really respect her for her good selection of music. If we are to consider taking a female DJ into the group, she is our first choice. Don’t play play…. she performs and jumps around in her high heels!


Nice. We’ll definitely want to sneak a peek at her awesome fashion soon. Since you guys also hold regular jobs (besides DJ-ing), who manages Imma Bleep YouUp? Who is the head honco?

Addic3rd : We were paid only RM 70 each for our very first gig and we spent it all on beer and still don’t have enough to settle our beer bill then! We were then fairly new and unheard off in the industry and had no idea on how to manage ourselves.  Now we are fairly paid according to the market value in the clubbing circuit. The big money is at the Music Festivals and Corporate Events.  We are promoted at our facebook page with our profiles there and are being managed by our big boss (Manager) Tina.  She has been with us for almost a year and she’s got the toughest job, managing our client and us, the 3 monkeys. At the clubs, she is quite relaxed in her reign on us but at corporate events she tightens her grip so that we don’t misbehave…. ha ha ha.  I remembered at one corporate event, we were DJ-ing for our client ( the beer boys). There were free flows of beer and by the late afternoon, by the time Tina arrived at the venue to see us, we were so drunk! We had the biggest scolding ever. Whoa… that is one lesson learnt which we will never forget.


Well, that’s all in the past. Where do you see yourself in the near future?

Mr. Fluff : LA or some international house music center.

Addic3rd : At the end of the day we want to see ourselves out of this country. This industry and community is pretty small in Malaysia and there is no are of potential growth here. We want to make it into the international arena where dance and house music can be appreciated at a higher level.


Big plans that. Any game plans to reach the international arena?

Mr. Fluff : This year is our year…we will start doing gigs and events at Asia Pacific circuits. Starting in countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and China.

Unkel Jaymz: Promoting our recording label to international market via internet. The internet is our best friend now! Platforms like SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Facebook and Twitter are just awesome for promo.

Addic3rd : At the moment we still have our personal commitment and bills to pay. Once we get that financial area sorted out, we will quit our full time job and go full time here. Our long term plans are looking at self financing our tour circuit to promote our labels.


Haha, don’t forget us once you guys make it big. Anyways, since you guys hold a full time day job while DJ-ing at night and producing record labels, what do you do to unwind or do you have any hobbies?

Mr. Fluff : Skateboarding.

Addic3rd : Drinking…… ha ha ha….. I am actually a vehicle enthusiast. For the past one year I have not been doing anything to my current car.  This is my 4th car and it is still in its pristine stock standard. In the past my hobby was car modification and it is a damn expensive hobby.  I used to spend something between RM 20 – RM 30K to mod my cars. I will go to the extent of engine transplant. But I learnt my lesson that the additional money spent on the car does value add to the car value during resale so I curbed all my expensive itches.

Unkel Jaymz : My day job is mostly involved in lighting systems as a lighting consultant.  I deal with systems all time, everything is so technical and systematic and I kind of work in a very rigid and controlled environment. So, I de-stress myself by going into the creative field like doing graphic design for the group. I let my mind go free and wild in my art world and but because I am a very challenge-oriented person, I always set a benchmark for myself to achieve an excellent piece. Damn… that kind makes my life sound so boring!


With so little time juggling both day jobs and DJ-ing, are you in any relationship? And what sort of qualities are you looking for in the other party?

Addic3rd : No, I am still single and available but not desperate. The person has to be understanding, trusting and love what I do.  As a DJ, I am in the clubbing circuit all the time and out there are plenty of hot chicks that come and go, just out to have some fun. The girl in a relationship with me has to trust me and understand the situation and not jump to any conclusion. She must be independent and capable of doing things for herself.

Unkel Jaymz : Ditto what Addic3rd said.  Mr. Fluff is very lucky. He found someone who speaks the same language like him. And it is not just Bahasa Malaysia.


Finally, have u ever heard of CyberDog?

All 3 : Unanimously  “ NO!! ”.


Thus, we thanked the awesome trio, served them up drinks, party-rawked hard, and bid our farewells. And not forgetting where you can grab their awesome tunes, and catch up on where they’ll be performing, here are the links for IMMA*BLEEP*YOUUP!







Check out “Imma*Bleep*YouUp exclusive photoshoot at our Gallery below!

Photography – Yumiko
Location – Paradox Art Cafe

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