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Published on February 26th, 2012 | by Prometheus

[Feat.] – whipped cream with a cherry on top

Candy canes, lollipop, whipped cream with a cherry on top. Today we’re looking at our smexy Model + Photographer of Huruhara.com – Babyuko!

#1 – Describe yourself and your view on Valentines?

Babyuko: I’m a romantic, so there’s nothing much to describe about Valentines. In fact, when it comes to relationships, I feel everyday should be a Valentines.

#2 – Describe Valentines in 5-words.

Babyuko: Strong Love For Luvly Couples

#3 – What’s the best club song to describe Valentines and why?

Babyuko: “Usher – Make love in the club” – I love this song is because I love the feeling of my partner being close to me all the time. That and getting a kiss is always easy.

#4 – Favorite drink that best depicts you?

Babyuko: Wine. Because I’m strong, smooth, and delicious. hehe

#5 – Best pick-up lines for girls/guys?

Babyuko: I don’t bother about pick-up lines. I prefer a guy being chivalrous – like opening a car door for me.

#6 – The worst pick-up lines for guys/girls?

Babyuko: When they argue with you. It’s such a turn-off.

#7 – If you could date any celebrity, who and why?

Babyuko: I would have to say Wang Lee Hom. *chuckles* Why? Because he’s cute, smart, and he can sing too!

#8 – Best place on earth for a date?

Babyuko: Hokkaido, Japan.

#9 – Craziest thing you’ve ever done on Valentines day?

Babyuko: I’m not going to tell you, you’ll have to find out yourself. As for the moment? My bf and I just started this year, so this would be our first Valentines together. =)

#10 – Any last words for Huruhara.com’s readers?

Babyuko: Huruhara.com is THE BEST!

Photography – Hitomi
Stylist- Olga

Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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