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Published on January 8th, 2013 | by Pitch_please


EDM Tracks for Vampires?

Jumping into the last installment from the Twilight saga, guess who just agreed to be amongst the artists singing for Breaking Dawn – Part 2’s soundtrack?

Singing for the undead and oversized Chihuahuas, it’s none other than Ms Halcyon herself, Ellie Goulding. Produced together with now-ex Skrillex, the song is number two on the (undoubtedly cool) OST list, due for release this week.

Though admitting she doesn’t support either team Edward or Jacob herself, Ellie was honored to be asked to contribute to the album and  has high respect for everyone involved:

I’m not a Twi-hard but I take it for what it is; it’s a cool thing and I can see why there’s a huge fanbase. [And] they choose the best stuff for the soundtrack, so I’m really lucky to be a part of that!” she explained.

Some Ellie fans are still wary of this combo, as no doubt electropop and emo vampires rarely cross paths, but previous Twilight soundtracks had been huge hits in their own rights and Bittersweet’s preview has everyone wanting the full song NOW.

Have a listen and find out if Ellie makes you wanna sparkle in the sunlight and gaze seductively into stranger’s eyes. Also, can you find another interesting quirk of the song? (Here’s a hint: it’s sdrawkcab)

[ src – Digital Spy]

Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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