[Feat]. – WE ♥ DJ Eva T + MC Ant (Exclusive Interview)

Residents at ‘The Mist Club’, off the streets of Bangsar, if you heard the “Unce-Unce” then you’re probably not far off from these Party Combo Duo – DJ Eva T + MC Ant.

Let’s get the party rollin’, how did you guys have the fortunate chance of meeting each other?

Dj Eva T : From Facebook – the social network. ha-ha

Mc Ant : Initially we contacted through the Facebook. The first time I saw Eva was at the Amazon Club, 4 years back. I went there to check out the music and saw her spinning there so I stopped to chat with her.  Then one year ago, Eva was engaged at The Mist Club and she asked me whether I would like to stand in as a replacement MC for Sean Bezze who has left  to further his studies and I said yes, from then on it was history. We have been partners at The Mist Club since then.


Since you guys have just been just about together for a year. So how did you guys blast your first year pair-up anniversary?

Dj Eva T : Our Anniversary is already over. But to answer the question, no, we have not done anything.

Mc Ant : Not really. We’ve never actually thought about it. Maybe we can look into that if huruhara.com can come along to do a special coverage!


Most definitely! Hook us up anytime! Wait, are you buying drinks? And on the topic, what’s your poison?

Dj Eva T : How would you describe poison? ha ha ha, seriously I can’t drink. But if I have to, anything’s fine as long as they’re not shots. Those are killers.

Mc Ant : Poison huh? Err… I am more of a beer guy. While performing, I’d just go for beer. Something slow, and easy  and feeling the buzz, instead of something that kicks fast and go up to my head.


Talking about ‘kicks’, you guys have been working together long enough – what’s the craziest thing you’ve seen the other person do?

Dj Eva T : No nothing crazy. So far haven’t seen anything I can consider crazy yet.

Mc Ant : Craziest thing so far? The guys dancing and taking off their shirts.


(Dude, we were talking about each other…)
And speaking of craziest, what was the best moment the both of you did at a gig together?

Dj Eva T : We’ve only been working at ‘The Mist’ since we first started till now and every performance we do together so far is always the best.

Mc Ant : I agree with Eva as every performance at ‘The Mist’ is the best. But I can also tell you the worst which happened in Johore Bahru  once upon a time. It was when there was no party crowd in the club – which is any DeeJay’s worse nightmare.

No way… no party crowd? Was it the music? In fact, share with us your music styles.
Dj Eva T : I am the open format; electro house, commercial, mesh-up. I don’t spin Canto pop or K-pop.
Mc Ant : I am into hip-hop music.
And a little on style, we see Eva T’s got awesome fashion sense. What inspires the way you dress? Is it the music? Of course what about MC Ant?
Dj Eva T : It really all depends on my mood. I go with the theme for the event and party crowd. More importantly is the venue, especially the place where I am going and whoever I’m meeting or the party crowd. For the record – No. My music does  not have anything to do with my styling.
Mc Ant : As for me, I like to wear anything that makes me feel comfortable. Stylish casual but most importantly must be comfortable. Not those cool nerdy hipster stuff. No sir, thank you very much. 


Well said. Throw out the mainstream stuff, and share with us what ‘hidden’ talents do you have? What can you do that nobody knows about?

Dj Eva T : Something that nobody knows about? Haha, it’s very obvious I’m very much into Fashion and I’m also a vocalist. I want to produce my own music in the near future.

Mc Ant : I love acting. Love music and I cut my own album. Er.. Nobody knows this, but I used to play the guitar a long time ago. These days I’ve mellowed down.


Back in the days, huh? Does mommy and daddy know what you do now?

Dj Eva T : Yes, they are quite supportive now. Initially they weren’t too happy because they didn’t understand why I was constantly coming home late at night. That was until one day they turned on the TV and saw my interview on 8TV. From that, they saw how hard I’ve been working and finally understood what I do. Now they’re proud of my achievements and provides moral support to what I do.

Mc Ant : Yes, they are musically inclined but know what I am doing. I would say they’re quite supportive.

So has any of your family ever joined you at your gigs before?
Dj Eva T : Sadly, no. I have tried inviting them before, but they turned it down saying, “…boringlah. This kind of thing is for young people. Not for old people like us.” ha-ha-ha. My mum even commented that she wanted to sleep early so, yeah… Not to say I never tried convincing them.

Mc Ant : Only my siblings. Not my parents. Not their cup of tea.

If you had a chance to perform anywhere in the world, where would that special place be?

Dj Eva T : These past few years I’ve had the privilege of performing in most countries of around South East Asia; Melbourne, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Singapore, Jakarta, & Manila. I guess I would love to try playing in the States one day. You know what? Actually it doesn’t matter which country, as long as it is a big, huge music fest or huge rave party that packs over 10,000 people.

Mc Ant : Ya. The States sounds like fun.


MC Ant, you support DJ Eva T on the decks, so what’s your gist on getting the crowd started?

Mc Ant : By 12.30am, I will say something to break the ice by welcoming the crowd to the club, ask them if they’ve downed their drinks, whether they are enjoying and hanging loose, letting their hair down, relax and hype up. Normally when the crowds have a few round of drinks, they will be in the mood to party and are easily rouse up to party.

Right on… Okay, now that you’ve got the crowd riled up and pumpin’, what’s the craziest crowd you’ve ever seen?

Dj Eva T : Melbourne crowd are the craziest. The crowd there are more of the party goers and understand the music. Well I was actually doing a Merdeka countdown in Melbourne and they just grooved with the music. The other awesome one was at the Luxy Taipei which I did last December.

While you guys are managing the crowd, who manages you?

Dj Eva T : I have a full time Talent Agency who promotes, market and manages all my performances. However, sometimes MC Ant will come across some work assignments, and will try to fit me in. And vice versa – I will also try to fit in MC Ant into any gig that requires a MC.

Mc Ant : I am a freelancer and hold a regular day time job.  So I don’t have a Manager. ha-ha-ha. Sometimes I think Dj Eva T manages me quite well.


So spill the beans – down the pipeline, any big events you guys have up your sleeve?

Dj Eva T : On the 12th of April 2012, I will be performing at the Hennessy Artistry Event at Melbourne, then performing in Sydney next day. In the month of May 2012, I will be in Manila. For more information you can find out at my fan page on Facebook at DJ Miss Eva T.

Mc Ant : While Eva is away on the 12th of April, I will be partnering with a guest artist DJ from Australia at The Mist Club.


As perpetual energy icons, how do you unwind during your time-off?

Dj Eva T : “Unwind” that’s new. Honestly I’ve hardly ever heard this word used. ha-ha-ha. Most of my time-off are spent on researching the music industry on the net. Sometimes I’ll hit up the gym, swim a little, and eating –  I have a love affair with food; exotic food, Japanese, Korean and fine dining as well.

Mc Ant : I would catch up on movies, YouTube-ing and shopping for house ideas like going to IKEA.


Hope you don’t mind us being up-close and personal, but being one of few female DJs in KL, we’re curious if you’ve ever been picked-up by guys at clubs and what works.

Dj Eva T : Never. So I wouldn’t know. ha-ha-ha


(Guys, did you hear that? She’s never been picked up!)
MC Ant, what opening liners work for you, being so smooth and all?

Mc Ant : “Are you having a good time?” *laughs*

Lastly… Would you play a gig for Huruhara.com if we were to throw a party one day?

Dj Eva T & Mc Ant (Unanimously) : SURE! that would be awesome.


Website – www.djevat.com
Twitter – www.twitter.com/DJ_EVAT
SoundCloud – http://soundcloud.com/djevat
YouTube – http://youtube.com/user/joshmarciano9
Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/joshmarcianosdnbhd 

Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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