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[Feat]. – Let’s play House with DJ Nikki

This ‘Girl-Next-Door’ hearthrob isn’t all just looks – she’s got the skills behind the decks to kick-start more than just a lovestruck fan club.

So would you want to know more about this lovely lass with mad skillz? We definitely do.

With a cutesy face like that, seeing her made us flip head-over-heels more times than a belgian pancake. Christmas came early when she agreed to go out on a date interview with us. We got to get a little closer and find out more about what turns her on and off around the decks.

DJ Nikki Mixtape 2005 by Dj Nikki on Mixcloud

Hi, Nikki. So glad you could make time for us.

First up, just out of pure curiousity, how did you get involved in being a Dj?

Dj Nikki  :  It’s probably my curiousity that got me into this industry. I’ve always wondered what the DJ behind the console, so I decided to took up a professional course and some friends who are in this industry, they kind of showed and taught me a little on handling the decks. Never thought I would become a DJ one day, it’s just the interest and passion for music that got me into the industry. After winning the Heineken pres. Juice DJ Quest competition, gigs start swarming in and that’s when it turns into a career.


Wowzers, talk about making it big. So what was the first break you had as a pro DJ?

Dj Nikki  :  I would say it was the Global Gathering Festival. It was epic and i was very grateful to be able to play alongside so many great DJs, international and local. It was fantastic, truely great experience. However the 1st gig that i landed was at Zouk the Loft. Thanks to my mentor, Bryan and Kenneth.

Yeah, we remember those days of Zouk the Loft. They used to play a great selection of music. And speaking of which, how would you describe your style of music?

Dj Nikki  :  My music style generally incorporates house, electro and techno. I like a to create a more pumping and groovy sound to drive the crowd higher but it also depends on the venue, will be playing a slightly mellow sound if they have a weak roof. *chuckles* No, I’m just kidding. I don’t mind throwing some classic tunes or part of a classical piece in between my sets to bring the mood to a different level.

Wow. So basically we can expect you’re some sort of Techno-whizz, dance-beat Rembrandt? Haha. Then share with us your inspiration. Why so melodious?

Dj Nikki    :   When I started djing, Carl Cox was my God. But because popularity and music direction evolved over time, the crowd music preference had a lil twist to it. My inspiration is based on life experiences that I have gone through, and I try to translate it musically through my performances. It could be anything, inspiration just happen when it comes.

It could be anything, inspiration just happen when it comes.”

Spinning in a club, sometimes the atmosphere can get to you. What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen a crowd do while you’ve been spinning?

Dj Nikki  :   The ‘Craziest’  thing, huh? *lost in thought before she burst out into laughter* hahaha, I remember once a girl took off her clothes and dance in her under garments and was very into the party. That was pretty an eye-opener. Oh, and there was another – a bar tender caught on fire while trying to be flamboyant with a drink at the bar counter.

Phwoar! Now we wished we had been there to witness that! How about yourself? What’s the best moment for you?

Dj Nikki  :  I have a lot of good moments. Especially at the end of the night when the crowd appreciates my music and performance.  There was once a guy who came up and asked me to sign his jeans.  I also remembered there was once I was doing a gig for a New Year Party at Sunway Lagoon – the  crowd comprised of the age group of as young as 10 years old to 40 plus. When I finished a little girl around the age 10 came round to the console area with her mum to talk to me and didn’t want to go home after that. I have to admit – I have a soft spot for children. So that was a very sweet and touching gesture.*chuckles*

Looks like you’ve made a new fan! Talk about not wanting to go home after a party – we kinda understand how that feels. So when’s the next gig? And ever considered doing a collab?

Dj Nikki  :  Never really gave it much thought but i don’t mind once the right person come into place. It  would be great if I could perform together with a set of mini Orchestra, or someone playing the classical instruments or piano.

So has it always been your dream to be a DJ? Ever considered anything else before as a kid?

Dj Nikki  :  You really want to know? Bet you wouldn’t believe it, but I’ve always wanted to be… an ASTRONAUT! Haha, it’s been one of my childhood dreams. I want to go into space and have a supernova experience. Wouldn’t it be cool to go to a place where there’s no living things but yourself, it’d be hella scary experience but i believe it could build yourself stronger as a person.

Haha, and right now you’re a DeeJay. Far from being in outer-space, which we’d reckon wouldn’t fare too well with the folks. And speaking of them, how are they faring with your current profession?

Dj Nikki     :    Yes, they are quite supportive in every aspect and completely trust in me and my choice of career.

And yet they’ve never attended any of your gigs?

Dj Nikki  :  No, I’ve tried inviting them several times before but they turned it down. My mum was curious and wanted to see what I do but my dad said “NO!” ha ha ha….. his heart might not be able to take that kind of music.

Well, it seems like they’re supportive in their own way.  Earlier we spoke of dreams and ambitions, and being a DJ, where’s the one place you’d want to perform?

Dj Nikki  :  There’s a lot of countries that I’ve never been to that i would love to go. Currently I’ve been traveling around the region but I’d like to take a step into the Europe side where dance music are the norm. I’m working on that now. *wink*

That’s a big dream. And to be able to play there means you gotta have what it takes. In your own opinion, what do you think makes a DJ great?

Dj Nikki  :  This is a very hard question. No one actually know who is the best and who is to judge as being the best. At the end of the day, if the crowd is happy and satisfied, then the Dj has achieved the best .

Then would you consider yourself the best? Haha joking. Well, we’re pretty sure you aspire to be one, so whose your idol/inspiration?

Dj Nikki  :  I actually have a lot of favourites and to name two are Carl Cox and Sander Van Doorn. Totally different genres but both have a common similarity – energy. There’s so much energy in their set, they would bring the crowd up to cloud 9 and drop a bomb track and bring it up back again.  There’re so many surprise elements in their set and with their technical skill and flow, everything seems perfect. 

So what’s *YOUR* style on hyping up the dancefloor?

Dj Nikki  :  I would bring them on a rollercoaster journey. Haha, I do it by going with the music flow and playing by ear. Ultimately it boils down to the connection between me, the music, and the crowd.

Then do you have a mentor or a style which you admire?

Dj Nikki  :  I have a lot of Djs who inspire me and I do watch their performances to learn from them.  I don’t have any specific fixed mentor as in this industry we have to be flexible and learn from as many as we can.


On the topic of performances, we’d love to know what other big events you have down the pipeline.

Dj Nikki  :  I just recently played for a big one at the Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur. As for my next gig, I will be in Tokyo, Japan at the end of May. I will be playing at Ageha, Womb, ALife and a super exclusive VIP party. Looking forward to that.


Oh? We’re definitely looking forward to hearing more of your feats! But with such a tight schedule and travelling, share with us how do you unwind during your time-off?

Dj Nikki  :  I like to chill at home alone or with a couple of close ones with some down tempo music, wine  and a good book. My favourite author is  Chin Ning Chu – an America based author from China. Her books are more of a motivational style and I learn a lot from her writings.  My other favourite past time is reading manga. Especially the comedic ones, it cracks me up from a boring day. Besides that, sometimes I would go to friend’s place or invite them over to jam together and do mixes, sharing knowledge and just plain hangout.


Then would you consider being a DeeJay as a long-term career? How about future plans?

Dj Nikki  :  I recently just joined a friend’s company of 10 years years. Still in the same industry. When the time comes we’ll definitely invite Huruhara.com for another interview and I will personally share with you guys more… ha ha ha .  At the moment I am also working on some music production with Bo aka Mr. Fluff of Imma*Bleep*YouUp , who is my mentor. Again, when the time is right I will share more with you guys.


Last but not least, being a female Dj and all, we’re curious have you ever been picked-up by guys at clubs?

Dj Nikki  :  Well, I’d received little notes during my performances. I think it’s very sweet and encouraging. Depends on how you look at it. Afterall at the end of the day it is just a career, a very interesting career indeed.






Mixtape :

Photography – Jeremy Choy
Location – Paradox Art Café

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