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Published on December 8th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


DJ Dreams on Screen

Shawty, get down and have a look at this Fall’s surprise hit movie, Pitch Perfect, a story about an aspiring DJ and producer (Beca, played by Anna Kendrick) who shows us how how today’s young DJ dreams may have been launched, in the most unexpected ways.

Winning a 7.6 on IMBd, the movie show us how Beca, deprived of ‘paying her dues’ and playing in the music scenes in LA, enters college after her father insisted she gets a real education. Determined to keep producing music anyway (this girl ain’t kidding, the DJ software used in the movie is rumored to be Traktor Le), she joins the all-female singing group on their acapella regionals while bringing an edge and a breath of fresh air with her mashups and remixes.

The movie looks like the usual singing/musical comedy that we’re used to, but it also touches on the DJ remix business when Beca creates new songs for her group and her mixed playlists when she interns for the campus radio station. And with references from the likes of Guetta (“Titanium” – ft. Sia) and Afrojack (“Give Me Everything” – with Pitbull and Ne-Yo), these songs are more catchy and sexy when everyone else (ehem, Glee) are cheesy and teeny-boppy.

Admitted, some EDM fans may scoff at this bubblegum flick for attempting to put Guetta and Miley in the same soundtrack (but hey, Borgore took care of that!), we can’t fault director Jason Moore and ’30 Rock’ screenwriter Kay Cannon for trying to make the DJ world more relatable to the rest of us.

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