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Published on July 30th, 2012 | by Prometheus

[Feat]. – Close encounter with Daniella Sya

We’re deviating away from the DJ scene for a bit to take a look at few of KL’s prominent celebrities and today we’ve just gotten an exclusive with Red FM and Lite FM’s seductive and sulty on-air personality – Daniella Sya.

To top that, we’ve also just heard she’s just landed not one, but two local movies roles – “Inspirasi Merdeka” that will be aired on RTM during Merdeka Day itself, and “Hantu Air” on the silver screen in September.

More on her, we’ve gotten around to have a little luncheon this lovely lady, just to get a closer encounter on her.

Hey Daniella, thank you so much for meeting with us.

We’ve heard so much about you, and wow… you’ve outdone yourself and have made quite a name in the local scene. How does it feel like to be a celebrity?

Daniella : I really don’t feel any different. To me when it comes to my work, I really emphasize on the quality of my performance rather than on the benefits that I get along with it. Off course if the benefits, perks or sponsors are good that’s fantastic. But I take pride in my work seriously and having said that, in terms of being a celebrity? I really don’t really look for it.


Spoken like a true artist. And speaking of which, ever heard the saying “Celebrities aren’t born, they’re made.”? So tell us about yourself – how did you become what you are today?

Daniella : I started modelling at the age of 16. After high school I did a lot of jobs here and there before getting into this line. I was an Investment Banker, I also worked before in a newspaper, then moved on to being a marketing executive. In between I was doing gig here and there when a friend who was working at Lite FM asked me whether I would be interested to try DJing on the radio. My initial reaction was “Whoa, radio…? awww so tough???” But with the training given I soon began to like and enjoy it. Challenging, but tough in a good way and it was pretty nice. One thing led to another and I landed myself in my first telemovie. And that was when I realised how fun this industry is and actually enjoyed working in it.

The name of my first movie is “Bezanya Cinta”, as a supporting actress which premiered on ASTRO RIA. It was my first acting job and it was pretty exciting. I didn’t think of it much. I was playing a regular supporting role as a college girl and it was ironic at that time where I was in the age group where I was supposed to be in college where all my friends were and it was fun and a great experience. Soon after I was a TV Host for a local channel Astro’s Hitz.TV .


And suddenly you were in the spotlight. How did you deal with family and friends? Was it crazy now that you’ve become uh… famous?

Daniella : hmm….My mum was worried. Haha. Yes, and she still is. It is important that I don’t take all this celebrity or personality thing too seriously and my family and friends around me sees that as well. Though they would support me if I would like to further my studies, like mandarin classes or anything that would improve my education, knowledge or skills to value add to my career. I actually have a small and very supportive warm family and friends.


That sounds pretty tight. A bit more on the personal aspect of things, we know how it’s like being so busy and running around with all the hectic schedule of showbiz. So what’s your secret? How do you unwind?

Daniella : I like to play video games and also like to read books. I am actually now interested in aromatherapy because my mum is in the beauty line and I have lot of friends who are interested in scents and fashion.


So how about music? What sort of tunes do you listen to?

Daniella : I like all sorts of music but my favourite is really rock. My favourite band is a Japanese rock band called L’ARC EN CIEL. I have been listening to them since I was 4 years old and they are still producing album today. Once I was in Singapore & New York and they were playing. I wanted to attend but due to work schedule I couldn’t make it. They have been around for twenty years and they still look pretty young. Their voices are pretty amazing. I was into Japanese culture when I was very young because I had Japanese neighbours and friends who were teaching me their language while I taught them English.


How about party music? As you can see, Huruhara’s all into partying and everything. So share with us when did you first start?

Daniella : When did I first started partying? Haha, officially I started going out during high school.


Haha, so you’ve had pretty much a headstart, huh? Then share with us, which was your most memorable party of all time?

Daniella : Christmas 2 years ago. It was at Mandarin Oriental’s Sultan Lounge. It was the most memorable for me because I went there with my mum and we had so much fun together.


How about the craziest moment you’ve ever seen happened in a club?

Daniella : Regular fights, in most of these fights the people were very intoxicated with alcohol.


And… the craziest thing you have ever done at a party?

Daniella : *laughs* Haha, there was this one time that I tried taking over the mike of the DJ in the club and started talking to the crowd in the dance floor. It was quite crazy because I went on-and-on.


We’re betting the DJ was a little taken aback. And speak of which, share with us who are your favourite DJs?

Daniella : Well, I look up to Radio Djs. And my few of my favorites has to be from Singapore’s 98.7 Fm Radio Station. I like the Djs from Muttons On The Move – Justin Ang & Vernon Anthonisz (Vernon A), and Malaysia’s own Azura Ziana & Terry from Red FM. Both duos have really have good chemistry together and I quite enjoy listening to them.


Agreed – it’s all about the chemistry. That being said, if you could party with another celebrity, who would it be?

Daniella : I would love to party with David Guetta and Avicii. That would be awesome ….David Quetta is the co-founded Gum Productions and released his first album; “Just a Little More Love”. I love his songs. He is currently one of the most sought-after music producers. As at 2012 David Guetta is the world’s most popular DJ, claiming the No.1 poll position of the DJ Mag 100 popularity poll.


You’re not too far off being popular yourself. Being such a head-turner with your stunning looks and celebrity famed status, has there been any bashful hopefuls approaching you at parties or events? Spill the beans! What were their opening lines?

Daniella : Bashful hopefuls, huh? Yeah, I remember once there was this group of young boys. And when I say ‘young boys’, I meant they were really young. They surprised me when one of them came up to me at an event and asked if I was Daniella. And when I answered they were like in a dazed and walked away. Since then, they kept staring at me from afar and that got me all weirded out.


Well, we can’t blame them, they’re young. They should’ve started by getting you a drink. Would that have worked? So tell us what special drink would’ve broken the ice and melt your heart?

Daniella : Aww… you guys are different, huh? And I meant that in a good way. *winks* Hmm, the drink that would melt my heart? *pauses in thought* I guess I would have to say the answer to that would be white wines. My favourite has always been ‘Vina Esmeralda Torres’ – a spanish vine.


*Ticks* Okay, that settles the drinks. How about party places? If you could party anywhere in the world – where would that be?

Daniella : Ibiza! Why? Because it’s the World’s Party capital.


Then ever considered being a DJ before?

Daniella : No! Partly it’s because I am a high critique of the music industry. I would push myself too hard and too far to get to the place I want to be in that industry.


Talk about perfection. Haha. Then how about female DJs? Have you heard or know of any personally?

Daniella : Oh yes, I know a few – Nabila Elme and Reckha Lekha.


Nice, perhaps you could hook us up with them someday. So what sort of parties would you like to see Huruhara.com host in the future?

Daniella : The “Winter Music Festivals” sort of theme, or perhaps “Summer Forever”. Yeah, that’d be nice.


Just out of curiosity (and maybe to promote a little) so which of the places in KL do you frequent most or may suggest to us:-

a) Food (Restaurants and/or bistro)
– I love the sweddish pizza at Uptown Damansara called Puzzini Pizza! You guys *must* try it. It’s really good!

b) Chill-out Lounge
– The Pool @ Ampang. It is a gastropup and a new hangout place.

c) Clubs
– I do hang out occasionally at Zouk or Vertigo when my friends call me. But if I do have a job the next
day, I would probably try to stay in to get myself prepped up for the shoot.

d) Shopping
– Shopping! I love to shop in Singapore at ION, Orchard. And if it’s back home? KLCC!


Finally …what’s your view on the Electronic Dance Music in Malaysia and how can we improve on it?

Daniella : In general, all forms of music is actually going down swing as the quality is not really being emphasized and put much into focus, especially here in Malaysia. Due to the stringent restriction on what can or cannot be aired, a lot of our local talents are being hampered. But by my view, the quality of the underground music scene is catching up, and with the influence of the rest of the world, new genres will soon take over. There are always room for improvements by learning from others.

And thus we ended our exclusive with our last look at the talented Ms. Daniella Sya – DJ, MC, TV Host, and Actress.

Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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