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Published on November 10th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


Art on your cup. Inking Level: INSANE!

"i am the one who knocks"

Like that morning shot with a little intellectual stimulati? An artsy-fartsy conversational piece for that coffee date? Cup-temporary artist Cheeming Boey gives you both by the styrofoam-full.

i'm a turtle (2)

Uncapping his Sharpie and releasing strokes of genius upon cup canvas, Boey sketches intricate art on simple disposable containers as easily as you and I breathe, eat, and well, drink.  Unsuspectingly discovering this talent when he was reaching for a cup to write on (because, as we know, napkins are too mainstream), Boey’s doodles soon turn to portraits and abstract paintings attracting awes, admirers and of course, recognition.

Or maybe he was too bored waiting in line at his local Starbucks (we’ll never know?)


As ‘Styrofoam Guy’ becomes featured highlights within the likes of The New York Times, Esquire, Southeast Asia, and Ads Worth Spreading, the passionate artist’s story continues to inspire Malaysia and the rest of the drinking world with the story of a small-town boy (oh, by the way, did we forget to mention Boey’s from Johor Bahru?) turned artist-in-demand who sells his works of art by the hundreds of dollars.

It also doesn’t hurt that Boey used to be one of the lead animators for Diablo 3. What are YOU going to start?

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Go ahead. Say something. We dare you.


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