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Published on December 16th, 2012 | by Pitch_please


Beemers and Shawties themed at ‘Possibilities’, possibly interesting(?)

There are some things in life we like it long; but there are other things we love it short, like secret affairs, lift rides with strangers and short films.

BMWshorties short films, that is. This year’s theme (it’s their sixth, if you’re wondering) is ‘Possibilities’, and as abstract and WTF-inducing as it is to the rest of us, up to 91 submissions prove excited to share their vision and interpretation for our entertainment, enlightenment and general pointing and laughing. So, ladies and gents, we have our 2012 top 10 finalist listing, and we are excited to see how it will go down.

Leading the pack is currently Suresh Naidu’s ‘Das’, a non-talkie (as they call it in show biz) about the fatal and unending lure of the weapons of man. Now, we know Malaysia is not really that ghetto for this plot line to be relatable, but we like it that it has that can’t-take-my-eyes-away suspense and that the story doesn’t seem to lag at all.

The other finalists include ‘Johan Adam’ by Lim Pik Lan, ‘Haruman Hujan’ by Martin Chong Yuh Lin and Muthal Naal Indru’ by Jagatesh Letchumanan, amongst others. Full lists of names and vids for the People’s Choice Award can be found here and finalists will fidget anxiously for Dec 20’s winner’s announcement.

Oh, and just to let you in on it, our budding film makers get bragging rights as well as a RM75,000 worth of filming equipment (Just kidding! But really, we can’t think of anything else they will use the money for).

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