Hot off the press: The New Kid’s in town, and we’re here to stay.

Ah, the internet.

Billions of people across the globe log on and off every single second. Heck, some are even wired online 24/7.

And with that sort of demographic, social forms, and technological advancement, comes about to (love) support, document, and to nurture the growth of lifestyle, entertainment and creative news in the online scene. Our readers are always a step ahead of the masses, the latest in news, fashion, events, and technology.

We aim to be the best online Lifestyle & Creative Culture magazine. And to start the ball rolling has set its eyes on Malaysia to kick-start its online recognition. Being led by a top social mediaist and certified marketeer, is widely spread across social platforms with cloud technology integration to get the latest information updated in real-time and reaching its target audiences.

There are two ways to advertise on permanent monthly sponsorships across all its pages and Advertorials-based writeups. offers the following ad units.

800 x 90 Leaderboards
250 x 400 Medium Rectangles Ads offers premium sponsorship ad units, served in the right area of every page (except our corporate pages). The ad units rotate evenly with each page view served. These sponsors are important to us, and we look for products and services that we feel would be relevant to our targeted and influential audience.

Ad Specs:
* 125 by 125 pixel size
* Will link back to the company product page
* No animations (simple ads)

We operate with a minimum term of two months.

For the pricing of Ad space, or advertorials or if you’d like to start a campaign, we’d love to hear from you – sales [at]