About Us

Huruhara.com was launched on February 2012. And since then we’ve started growing. And grow we did. A fusion of lifestyle, street culture, nightlife, entertainment, and fashion we’re the diverse, über-talented collection of creative thinkers, dreamers and doers who fuels that creative urge as a creative online magazine.

We boldly cross all sorts of social media platforms to serve vibrant online content, from DJs to musicians, fashion news, club events, to tech-gadgetry, and lifestyle travel and cuisine, Huruhara.com is versatile to discuss and engage in relevant topics, and will soon be the most influential of its kind.

Heck, we hope (fingers crossed) to become the next MTV™ lifestyle icon.

The Team

Founder, Editor-in-Chief, CEO

Derek “Master Chief” Yap

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Kenneth “Cloud Strife” Seah

Sales & Operations Manager

Selina “Alien Queen” Loke

Promotions & Marketing Manager

Allan “Serious Sam” Anthony


Hitomi “Princess Peach” Ng
Chong “Rikku” Sow Mun
Jeremy “Super Mario” Choy


“DJ Hero” Bui Yen

We take “CREATIVITY” seriously…


The backbone of any industry, the dreamer of societies, and ultimately the catalyst of any revolution – we hugely support the creative individuals and/or groups that makes the world go round. So much so that we’ve based our business on exposing and creating a venue for said creativists.

In fact, if you’re looking to be part of our team, we are looking for

– (hot) amateur models guys/gals
– budding (artistic) photographers
–  (sarcastic and witty) online writers
– (Would you buy this?) online sales rep
– (Hey! Hey!) promotions & marketing gurus err… pros?


If you’re like what we’ve mentioned, we’d be more than happy to hear more from you. Please refer to our ‘Contact’ page to drop us an email.